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What Archetype Are You? by Marlen Harrison
September 13, 2008, 9:07 pm
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Take the test and then leave a comment below telling us your archetpye!



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I’m a Creator: The Creator archetype fosters all imaginative endeavors, from the highest art to the smallest innovation in lifestyle or work. Adverse to stasis, it can cause us to overload our lives with constant new projects; yet, properly channeled, it helps us express ourselves in beautiful ways.

Comment by marlen

Taken from the Archetype test Rosalee gave me last semester, I am primary Destroyer, secondary Fool.

Comment by jkenney00

Okay, Jack: I looked you up in Pearson (as the Destroyer):

Your Goal is growth and metamorphosis.
Your Fear is stagnation or annihilation and/or death without rebirth.
Your Response to a Dragon/Problem is to either destroy it or be destroyed by it.
Your Task is to learn to let go, turn it over, accept mortality.
Your Gift is your humility and acceptance.

(Hey! I’m just the messenger here!)

Comment by rosalee123

Thanks for digging that up for me! See you tomorrow.

Comment by jkenney00

I am a caregiver. I guess there is no getting around it. I thought I might end up something a little more exciting (for lack of a better term). I guess it makes sense.

Comment by swimvilla

Teaching Circle Meeting on Monday: Bring your lunch!

~The Anti-Mom

Comment by rosalee123

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