Heroic Journeys

Our First Meeting by Marlen Harrison
September 8, 2008, 9:34 pm
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Hi all…some notes from today’s meeting:

  • Chris discussed meeting with his students once every 4 weeks or so during the first semester. Purpose: goal-setting (academic, athletic, personal), reflection, uses worksheet with writing prompts. Chris sees himself in the “Caregiver” role.
  • Rosalee starts the semester by giving her students the archetype test (from Pearson?), this is a process of self-discovery. She’ll meet with students approx 3 times a semester.
  • Judith and Marlen also conference, but less frequently, perhaps once or twice a semester.
  • Marlen teaches the hero’s journey with his 121 Humanities Lit course. Judith doesn’t use this theme, though she has done it in the past. She prefers to stick to “pop culture”.
  • Co-teachers: Rosalee is working with Ron; Judith is working with Jack.
  • Rosalee and Ron disclose their own dominant archetypes to their students at the beginning of the semester.
  • When asked “why use archetypes?” Rosalee responded – 1) easy to use with pop culture/film; 2) the hero’s journey is a recurring motif in the lives of athletes; 3) the athlete’s journey is a hero’s journey.
  • Chris discussed his “switch turned on moment” re: the call to journey ~ when he knew he would be a swimmer (soph year of college). Chris told his story about this.
  • Ron discussed his karate story ~ wearing a Wolverine (X-Men) t-shirt and someone saying “Hey cool shirt”…that was a place where he felt like he could fit in.
  • Judith recalled a time when a woman gave her some info about riding horses – her “call”.
  • Chris discussed an “old coaching tool” – positive, negative, positive (giving feedback). Chris will see if he can find the original source for this approach.
  • Rosalee’s approach to 101 is to “break the codes” that instructors use re: writing assignments. She wants students to learn that “language”, e.g. an essay where a student has to “explain a concept”.
  • Marlen encouraged Chris to consider how he can adopt themes from Rosalee’s teaching and heroic journeys/archetypes in his own dialogs with students. Marlen wonders if a successful synthesis can occur where students really understand and explore how knowledge of archetypes can assist them.
  • We all discussed that although life is one long journey, smaller journeys come in cycles, e.g. semesters or weeks, or atheltic seasons.

Some common themes:

  • Storytelling
  • Issues of validation
  • Finding a common vocabulary
  • Caregiver roles
  • Understanding context (students exist in various contexts)

We’ll meet again in October, Marlen will email a date. Perhaps we can choose a time when Jack can join us.